Bloggers For Hire

     I have always wanted someone on my blog to post other then me. Not because I am lazy, but I have been slacking lately, but simply to add someone new to my blog. I know my writing style is close to few peoples, but I need someone new to contribute to my blog. Like Ilan’s recent contest, I am having my viewers vote for the new contributer, and also like Ilan’s contest I will be voting too. But my contest has one little difference. Thirty three precent of the votes will be based on the contestant’s blog. So how do you enter? Just comment the following: 

Your E-Mail:
Your Blog:
Your Writing Style:
Why You Want To Be My Contributer:

     Remember only two will win. Will it be you?


11 responses to “Bloggers For Hire

  1. I think the voting system is very thorough. But when i say 50% of the vote is mine, that includes my opinion on their blog. But i love the video you made and i think that you will have many entries. I probably will enter.

  2. I wish i could help, but I’m not much of a poster because of the fact that I do headers, I’m a really boring poster

  3. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    Hey, Lyon! How’s it going? We were just checking up on your blog when we came across this interesting post, and decided, as we aren’t currently working on any blogs beside our own, that we’d enter! Here goes…

    Email – We’d rather not give our email our to the public, but if you edit this comment, our email will be there…

    Blog – is our main blog, but we own several smaller blogs and have worked on multiple over the course of our blogging years.

    Writing style – We’ve been compared to Maddox’s Best Page In The Universe (, so assuming we’re at all like that, “angry, ranting, offensive” would fit us. That wouldn’t seem like it would fit your blog, however, so we can change it in any way you’d prefer to conform to the viewers you have now.

    Why – We wouldn’t be getting anything out of this personally, but you seem like a nice person and we’d like to help you out with this project. Also, we think your blog and who you blog for is (are) quite interesting, and would love to be a part of it.

    …Will it be us? Honestly, we don’t know. We have only one thing to say about the topic; we hope so.

    Thanks for your surely precious time, Lyon!

  4. Sorry I havent been bloggin lyon. I was on a really long trip to germany. 😀 I will post as soon as possible, right now I am tryin to get over jet lag. haha


    Your friend,

  6. Hey what’s up!? Could you check out my site at ? That would be SWEET! xD Bye!

  7. hey Lyon! Sorry I haven’t visited in a while!
    I would love to help, but I wouldn’t be much of a help. I hardly ever get the time to go on WordPress anymore, and when I do, I try to make posts for my own blog.
    If you just need a post or two, I can make the time, but I am saying that I can’t be relied upon for continuous posts.
    If you would want a post or two from me, then I guess I will just fill out the form thingy!

    Your E-Mail: (this email actually automatically forwards to the email you can see at comment user info)

    Your Blog: (I would make an interesting post including vids/pics if I were to make a post on your blog. a post about Carly’s life would be weird on the blog of Lyon’s Life 😛 )

    Your Writing Style: Funny? Random? I think? 😀

    Why You Want To Be My Contributer: Because I consider you a friend and I want to help you out in any way possible

    I hope you find a good contributer!


  8. Your E-Mail:
    Your Writing Style:Funny, classic, random
    Why You Want To Be My Contributer: so I can help you with your site and not make it EVER go boring. I think I could really help your site.

  9. Your E-Mail:
    Your Blog:
    Your Writing Style: some randomness, lots about my life, maybe some information
    Why You Want To Be My Contributer: I want to be a contributer because i love blogging and making new friends.

  10. Please. Of anyone don’t add slider…. Not to be mean but he is unreliable towards your site. His ability to write gramatically is still not the best.

  11. um. I am able to write gramatically Yogi.

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