App Review: Pocket God

Pocket God is one of the best games on my iPod-touch. It is in the top 25 app list hovering around at about number five. Pocket God is also only 99 cents! But the best thing about Pocket God is they update almost every week, unless Apple takes too long to update the app into their store. In Pocket God you are the god of a tribe of Pygmies. You can either help the pygmies, or torture them. You can pick the pygmies up with the touch of a finger, and then simply let them drown. You can send a T-Rex out to kill them, but at the same time you can give a Pygmy a spear to kill it. Or if you prefer to be a pacafist god you can simply feed them coconuts, have them go fishing, and not kill them every thirty seconds. And with all the peacful things there is deadly things as well. Such as killer ants, a hungry shark, exploding volcanos, and vampire Pygmies. The game even has traveled into other apps. Such as doodle jump, the creeps, little big planet, and more. If you simply don’t have a good imagination to imagine what pocket god looks like I provided screenshots of it below.


2 responses to “App Review: Pocket God

  1. Lyon if you want a good video explaining it, here is one i made:

    Your friend,

    P.S. Will you be able to post in my absence along with sam?

  2. I love this app 🙂 Its one of my favorites!

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