Summer Drama, The Beach

      You can’t really have a series of posts called Middle School Drama in Summer. But the name Summer Drama sure fits. 🙂


     Now that summer is here most likely you will go to the beach. Chances are that it’s not going to be a peaceful, nice, no drama trip. I have been to the beach plenty a time, considering I can get to one in about fifteen minutes from where I am now, and I know that there is always some drama. There’s always the problem of being afraid of sharks at an ocean beach, or at the lake there’s always the one in one thousand chance that a boat might hit you. Just don’t think about the bad things that might happen, only think about the fun you’re having or the trip will be ruined. Another thing many people, or at least girls, is wearing the right swimsuit. It’s always, what one will match my hair, or do I look fat in this. In my opinion it is not that hard to pick stuff out. Because all the stuff you have most of the time looks good on you. Or else why would you or your parents have bought it? There’s many different types of drama that happens at the beach, or on a boat, some I probably never would have thought of. But remember, it isn’t the end of the world.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at the beach? How did you get over it? 


3 responses to “Summer Drama, The Beach

  1. You know how many kids make gigantic holes in the sand for fun. Well i guess the kids did it in low tide, so i got to the beach when the water covered that hole and i fell like 2 feet down and my mouth just barely above the water. It was super sudden, and very embarrassing, but i climbed out and still had fun.

  2. i cut my toe like open a few years ago (by a few i mean like 6-7)

  3. hey! i just wanted to thank you on the comment you left on ilans blog ! It means a lot to me! I havn’t gone that far with my blog ( well at least i dont think so) and that made me feel alot more confident! I was thinking about quitting in my mind but that comment made me change my mind!
    P.S great post!

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