Mistaken is the name of my friend’s band. They are very good. On our last day of school they had a concert at the school. They played Let There Be Rock, by AC DC and some songs they wrote. My friend wanted me to help his band by making them a logo and a draft for an album cover, so I did. The album cover draft is shown above. I contacted my friend last night and sent him the files. He has yet to respond, but I think he will like it Currently the band is learning six new songs, many of which I’m sure you guys know. After a few more concerts and some rehearsals, Mistaken will start their first music video, featuring their newest song. If any of my friends are reading this text me, or call me, and I’ll tell you all about some of Mistaken’s upcoming events.

How do you like the album cover draft?


3 responses to “Mistaken

  1. Thats pretty sweet dude. Hey if you are on wanna meet on a xat chat? Like:

  2. Great design!! I really enjoy it

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