Guitar Pick, Stylesheet

Guitar Pick is the first version to the latest theme’s stylesheet sega. Guitar pick reflects my life right now. Not all of the details fit into one theme, but they all are in my life right now. For one, the guitar pick represents the songs I’ve been writing latelly. I’ll talk more about them another day though. Another detail is the grass, it’s there because of the yard work at my house latelly. I decided to keep the stylesheet saga moving I will try to update the css at least once a month. I am already started on the next version called “Music at Sunset.” There is still a few glitches, such as the post signature. It will be fixed in the next update which is more of a clean up update then anything else.


One response to “Guitar Pick, Stylesheet

  1. The only thing that bugs me with this theme is that to get back to the home page from a post/comment page is that you have to go up and either hit “back” or delete some of the adress because clicking on the header doesn’t work 😦
    But I can’t wait to see your next CSS!

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