Game in Review: Poptropica

     I decided to review a game for once. It is a game my little brother found and he plays it a lot. It’s intended for younger kids like 6-10 year olds.I made an account, went around for a while, and beat a few islands. Poptropica is not an amazing game, but it is pretty good. 

     Poptropica is one of the few games that doesn’t get boring after a while. That’s because there is frequent updates on stuff and there is always new islands coming out. On Poptropica your objective is to beat as many islands as you can by stopping the problems on them. You can also go on hunts to create the best looking character ever. Many items leak out of new islands and people can easily get them by going in one of the multi player rooms. To rate this game I’ll put it in two categories to rate.

Game Play

     The game play of Poptropica is one of the few things that suprises me about it. It is like no other game before. There is no real ending you can get to and there’s no main goal. In most video games this would be a bad thing, but Poptropica figured out how to make it work for them. At least every two weeks Poptropica puts up a building in the game made specially for an advertisment. Each room gives you a special costume for the advertisment too. The game also has many “easter eggs”. In other words, the game has many thing you can do to get special costumes. Kind  of like cheat codes, but these are intentional. The game ever has glitches and the creator’s blog has a new post almost everyday to tell you when something is about to come out. Overall the game is really good with gameplay, but only works for a certain age.

Gameplay Rating: 4.5/5


     Poptropica has some really good graphics. They are simple, nice, clean, and yet the game is almost entirely made up of animations. Poptropica uses tons of technology to create their game, and doesn’t use the simplest animations as the whole game. The creators also let’s you add your own style to the game. For example, you can mix and match costumes that you can buy with poptropican money, or steal stuff off of other people. The graphics never have much to say on any game. You can’t go on and on about it like gameplay either, so I’ll just give a score. 

Graphics Rating: 4/5

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

To get to poptropica just go to




3 responses to “Game in Review: Poptropica

  1. I just love how your blog appeals to all audiences. Their is always something for everyone and that’s why your blog is great. Sounds like fun for youngsters! 😉

  2. that game is so stupid, no offense. it mite just be me cuz its like one of the only websites our skool DOESNT block. youtube-blocked. wordpress-blocked. addictinggames-blocked miniclip- blocked

    yea, i could go on and on

  3. So,u like Poptropica? If u do,I’d like to ask u to join Please respond.


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