Middle School Drama… Popularity

    Everyone who goes to middle school will tell you there’s lots of drama. There’s ways to stay out of the drama, gossip, and trouble, and there’s ways to be in it. As a late follow up to my post surviving school, the post middle school drama will be posted at least once a week until the end of school. Each week will have tips to help you through the last few weeks of school.


           Popularity is an overly obsessed over thing. Almost everyone in a school wants to be popular. You may be a nerd, a punk freak, or just some average kid, but no matter what you can’t stay away from the urge to be popular. Humans just have the urge to be popular built into them. Were like sheep in the way that we want to fit in with the crowd, but at the same time we also want to be noticed for good reasons and be respected by other people. I know what it feels like myself to be popular, yes it does have some perks, but it feels almost exactly the same after a while. Sure you get more attention, to have lots of friends, and to fit in. But do your “friends” just hang out with you because they really like you or because they want to be popular by hanging out with you? Another bad thing about being popular is sometimes you have so much power it is amazing, but not in a good way. For example, a few years ago I was in a rush to get to soccer, my sleeve accidently got stuck in my shirt and looked like a half shirt, half tanktop. I went to the soccer game  and didn’t notice it the whole game. The next game I went to half my team had done what I did. I asked one of my teamates why he was wearing his shirt like that. He said becuase you did at the last game and it looked cool. It really looked pathetic and stupid. But it shows just how bad being popular can be. 



7 responses to “Middle School Drama… Popularity

  1. This is so true! 🙂

  2. When drama happens, I run away 😛

  3. PLease post this on the 25th thanks!

  4. they all made there shirts look rediculous?? wowwwww, pathetic much? no offense to them, it just seems rlly stupid….

    i rlly dnt feel the urge to be “popular” cuz its just stupid to me

  5. Lyon please post this post the second you get this comment thanks!

  6. Hi! It’s wewebo.
    I was wondering if you could maybe link to my blog? I’ve been reading your blog and i think its awesome! If you do put me on your blogroll I’ll put you on mine.

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