One thing that makes each person is their style. Latelly I’ve began to see how much style is important in your life. It decides what people think of you, it reflects your personality, and practically chooses your friends for you. Almost everyone has their own individual style or they try to copy someone else. Your style can change your whole life. For example, if one day you came into school in goth clothes do you think your friends would want to talk to you? Or possibly one day you wear expensive, cool clothes that look really good on you, chances are you’ll have dozens of kids asking where you got them. If you really want to standout with your style then wear something that you think looks cool, but most people would be too afraid to wear because it might be too sparkly or too fancy. And if your friends make fun of you for your style then they aren’t your true friends. So on Monday look around your closet for something you never wear usually. By the way, nice plad shorts, a cool shirt, and new flipflops work great for you if your boy 😉


4 responses to “Style,

  1. cool. When will i see one of my posts?

  2. i wear wutever i like. if someone has a problem with it, tough luck. i rlly dont care about there opinion. i kno who my real friends r (:

  3. I am gonna be gone for a day lyon so could you please post while i’m away? Thanks!

  4. LYON ARE YOU THEIR! Cuz you have not responded to several comments.Please tell me.

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