An Opinion of Brett

I’m sorry about lack of posting and for not making headers lately.

    Lately there has been quite a few opinions Brett before he left.I’m  sorry I didn’t post a goodbye to him, but I didn’t have time. (but that’s a story that’ll have to wait until Friday) Not only have people argued about them on the internet and on my blog, but it’s starting to affect all of blogging. So for those of you who don’t know what he said here it is. Before his blog was deleted he wrote a post that encourages everyone to quit blogging and to go hang out in the real world more. I can say I partway agree with this. Being out in the real world is the reason I post a lot less then most bloggers. Some bloggers, I am sorry to say, are just nerds who sit in front of the computer all day and do stupid stuff. Some bloggers though actually do go out in the real world and hang out with friends. You can also clearly tell who these people are, they are the people who post unfrequently, most of their posts are about life with friends and sports, and they 80% of the time aren’t great on the computer. I know I will get this question in comments if I don’t address it now, so I am going to say this. I don’t encourage you to quit, or keep blogging. I think you should do whatever seems more fun to you. Some bloggers end up not liking blogging after a few months and feel it is something that they need to do. Usualy that is the point when you need to take a little break from blogging. You may not want to quit forever, but take a short one month break. Though there are people who love blogging and who benefit from it. There is no way for me to tell if you should quit or continue blogging, because it’s all your choice. 


In other news…


I am sorry I have slowed down on header making. I can only make about two headers a week until the end of the first week of June. I’m sorry for the problems, but it must be this way.


6 responses to “An Opinion of Brett

  1. im w/ my friends of fridays nd the weekend. as soon as its summer im gonna be on a lot less cuz i wanna b wit my friends cuz it feels to me like i was barely with my friends this school year.

  2. First and foremost, I think you are over stating this whole thing. You just, for the most part, said pretty much what I already reported. So that goes to credibility. I have seen nothing on this subject other than here. As for “here” there was no argument! Only an exchange of dialog. No harm no foul.

    The rest of your post is purely employed for rhetorical effect. Nerds is you term, and bad form. NOw I remember why I don’t comment on sites. ROFL!

  3. Just a question are you refering to me as the computor nerd?

  4. Cuz, i defnetly do other things. 🙂

  5. During break times put up my posts? Like the Music. Power of the World.
    It was my best post ever.

  6. I argue with that. Because I post alot, but at the same time I am always with friends and playing sports. I am the captain of my football team and all so it’s kinda not really how much you post.

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