Goodbye Brett =(

     Many of you may remember the hilarious contributer Brett from this blog. He was amazing and had the funniest jokes ever. For some reason though which I don’t know why he deleted his blog. I have to go to school and I cannot make a long post, but come back here after school to get my full story about how great he was and still is somewhere out there.


15 responses to “Goodbye Brett =(

  1. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    Sorry to hear about the untimely loss of your contributer. If my brother ever left my blog, it would never feel the same– I might even give up on all together.

    Hope you find a worthy replacement. We’ll keep watching out for future posts,
    Tubbo (of

  2. I feel really sorry of you dude… hope you recover soon…

  3. Lyon I have know brett since i have 10,000 hits. He has started and quit about 5 blogs now and each time i took him off my blogroll and put it on again. I supported him all these times and I told him if he quit yrh2 then i can’t support him on his new blog because he was taking my on a roller coaster ride. But, he was smart, funny and witty. Well always remember all the good times together and why i continually added him in the first place. Because he was awesome. So i still want to remember him as a great friend.

  4. Do you think he got hacked? I mean, he didn’t leavea goodbye post or anything!
    When my Club Penguin blog got hacked, the first time they just took over. The second time they deleted it with no warning whatsoever.
    But who would hack a funny blog? I mean, there’s not really competition like Club Penguin blogging, right?

  5. I don’t think Brett got hacked, I visited his blog before it was deleted and he said in a comment he was quitting because he needed to go outside more and something about his social life…

  6. I followed his blog, without input. His last post was about not being mad but about another blogger feeding off of his talent. I thought he was referring to Ilan, but just couldn’t rap myself around that one. He also said in his last post that he was tired of being a slave to this wordpress thing and wanted to be free of it and he was so much happier without it. Godspeed I say.

  7. O…. he did indeed leave a “last post”! Yes he did indeed. Along with what I just commented previously, he encouraged all of us to stop being a slave to blogging and get out there in the real world and be free from the computer and we would all be feeling better and better off for it. Who knows … maybe he knows something we don’t. 😛 I will keep an open mind~

  8. 😦 I’m sad Brett left…

  9. Ok one he was referring to probably anyone but me. Because for 5 blogs strait i have encouraged him to do his best. And i don’t understand feeding off his talents. Maybe he knows something we don’t know, its not like that, he knows that for him. He might not liking being on the web but i think it helps me. Not because i need internet friends but because it is a great way to freely channel my emotions. I respect his decision, but something that we should all think about is not true. It is a simple opinion. I am not dismissing his opinion i am putting into perspective.

    P.S. Sorry lyon this was a response to ζiρΦ7’s comment.

  10. First, you need not be so defensive. I said it was ME that only thought that it was you he may have been speaking of, as he said it was a friend. You indeed were a very good friend to him. I apologize for putting your name to print. If you see I did say I couldn’t rap my head around that one. Meaning I didn’t believe it to be you he was so upset with. I had several other thoughts of who it may have been that upset him. And I said, it was his last post, his last words, and he repeatedly stated that he was tired of blogging and he felt so much better not being a slave to the computer. Paraphrasing his last comments only. “I wished him Godspeed, meaning a “a successful journey”

    I think we are saying the same thing. I don’t know why you are apologizing. Your comment was well taken. This is an open forum for discussions.

  11. I know it’s an open forum, i just was offended, no hard feelings. 🙂

  12. wen i visited his site, it was just deleted and i was like WTF?!?!!? i didnt c his good-bye post or anythin.

    i dont think im being a slave to blogging or da comp. i enjoy it, no, not being a slave! i mean wp and online friends. apparenly he didnt

  13. None taken IIan. It was understandable. I should have never mentioned your name.

  14. No one needs to justify his or her reasons for blogging. I was just repeating what was in his thoughts at the time he left his last post. Who knows, he may miss it all AGAIN and start up his site.

  15. He has done that before, right?

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