Get Out Your Flip Flops!

     Why? Because it’s almost summer! Wherever you are there is some form of summer there. Wether it be longer days, more sunlight, the heat, or that school is almost over. I myself cannot wait! Finally I can begin to wear my shorts, short sleeve shorts, flip flops, and go to the beach practically everyday! Even the people who don’t go outside much love summer just because there is no school. Sadly I won’t be able to post everyday because I will be hanging out with my friends all summer. This summer though I will have dozens of contests, parties on multiplayer games, and much more! But let us talk about the more fun, outdoor part of summer! This summer with the economy most people can’t afford to go on any big, bizzare, thousand dollar vacations. You can still have fun at home though and still enjoy the fun. Go to any nearby beach, go to the pool, have a camping trip in the backyard, have some smores, or just go to the park. There is not a lost to post about when it comes to summer, because it’s not super inspiring, and I can’t help your life with it. But remember, schools almost over, no more suffering from it, and it is about to get warm again.


3 responses to “Get Out Your Flip Flops!

  1. only 29 days of skool left for me!! so happy!!

    but im kinda sad cuz it seems like i just got back from summer vacation…ive barely been with my friends!! (or so it seems)

    but then its gonna seem like summer flew by. its not really a lot of time. only 10 weeks.

    last week it was like 80° last week and now its 50°!!


  3. Dude, brett’s gone. He deleted his site….

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