The Art of Code

     Coding is an art, in a sense. Thanks to it you can take several extravagant pictures and text and turn it into one work of art. For the many bloggers I know don’t know code, you should learn it as soon as you can. Coding is necessary to do almost every job that is based on computers. For example, if you ever wanted to be a developer for Apple when you grew up you’d need to know Objective-C, C, C+, Coca, Javascript, and possibly more. Some people do not know that code is what makes everything on the computer. Without it you couldn’t type, make pictures, look at movies, and practically everything you do. So why is this so important? Because unless you want to stay on wordpress for the rest of your internet career you need to learn some form of coding. If you ask anyone about any of this they will tell you to wait until college to learn about it, but look at me, I’m still in school and I taught myself CSS, some HTML, C, and some other types of coding. Just look at tutorials on the internet! But the best use for code is probably creating video games, yes video games, even the tiny applications on the iPhone create millions of dollars for their developers. If you don’t believe me ask around for yourself and see how many wordpress bloggers actually know CSS.


5 responses to “The Art of Code

  1. In school in computers class we learned Javascript, HTML, and CSS. We had to make a website in “Notepad” made of entirely HTML and Javascripts. The final products look amazing, almost like blogs. With just using simple codes like HTML we made a master peice.

  2. Code is awesome. I know javascript, html, xhtml, and css. It’s really good to learn these like you said because if you know a lot of these you can do almost anything on the computor.

  3. Hah. Im terrible at it, but I still try. My sister’s great at it and all that stuff. C:

  4. i kno a little about CSS

    i hate how adults uner-estimate kids. my science teacher was like “i have 1,000 views on my skool acount cuz im so awesome” and i was like BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (in my head)

    and my parents hate that i seem to spend evry second of my life on the computer…

  5. Wow, I never realized code was so important. I know a little HTML and CSS, but that’s about it. 😆

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