Iconography, a story told in pictures with no words. It really explains art. If I took all the art I’ve evermade on the computer and in real life you would see my progression, and my life. If you have’t noticed before my art really describes my mood. The bright colorful neon pictures are from when I’m happy, but the dark black ones are when I’m usually not very happy. My story of art would show old mythical creatures, armies of unkown nations, ninjas, penguins, my first headers, and finally now. So how do you know what someone feels like through their art? Look at the colors, the lines, and most important, the words on it. But remember just pretend you made this art and why you’d design it like this. Listen to your heart, for it can answer anything.


3 responses to “Iconography

  1. God bless you lyon. I thought it was a good topic but it was not organized well. I really enjoy your input. A blog doesn’t always need positive feedback but also ways to improve. I thank you for your constructive criticism. I’ll get back to what i do best, deep, and fun meaningful posts. Thank you!

    Your friend,
    Ilan 🙂

  2. Your art is great!
    I love the comment area background so much

  3. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    Hello Lyon! This is Tubbo and Dubba Tubba. You may remember us if you frequint the Panic Button or if you visit the Red Cowz blog.

    We couldn’t help noticing your awesome blog design- you are truly amazing at CSS! We were just wondering if you have any extra WP Credits you’d even CONSIDER giving away. You see, we’ve always wanted to make something like this, but we’ve never had the credits. Please consider, but we whole-heartily understand if you cannot.

    Please reply back @ http://tubbotwins.wordpress.com
    I.D. Tubbotwins

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