1 Million Apps, and 5000 Hits

Picture from http://www.apple.com 

A billion apps.

     Finally, one million apps have been downloaded in the apple’s app store. In the picture above some of my favorite apps are included like Remote, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Carts 3d, Touch Grind, Crazy Snowboarder, Super Monkey Ball, and Pocket God. There was a contest on the App store and one person who downloaded an app before the one million apps were downloaded won an 1,000 iTunes gift card, a Mac Book Pro, and iPod-touch, and a Mac Mini. I had about a seventeen in a million chance of winning. So I didn’t expect to win. Some thirteen year old won. So with all the exciting stuff the app store was busy. The only bad part about this was that Apple didn’t have enough time to send out any of the app’s updates. So for a few weeks nothing was updated. Now though everything is moving along quicker and better. 
In other news…
Finally after six months of blogging I have 5,000 views. I have started blogging less and less weekly, but remember, I will always keep this blog. I have finally decided though that until this summer it will be virtually impossible for me to post everyday. I will try to post as much as possible, but I can only promise you one thing. Every post from now on will be worth your while. No more posts from me just to get it out of the way. I hope you understand. 

4 responses to “1 Million Apps, and 5000 Hits

  1. That’s the spirit lyon! Write posts when you truly have inspirations because those are the posts that people truly love. I could learn from you. Most of my posts are deep and about myself, but sometimes i post just because my blogs tagline is my everyday life told in extraordinary way. I should emphasis less on everyday and more in extraordinary way. Thank you for bringing me to that.

    Your friend,

  2. wait, I dont see touchgrind in the pic…
    i finally broke down and bought it…its great!

  3. oh wait! I found it on the way right 😛

  4. Congrats Lyon..that’s a lot of visitors coming to see your art and read what you have to say. I agree, quality beats quantity..You are doing so good..it’s a pleasure to visit your blog and find your posts and on Ilan’s blog as well..You are truly inspiring.

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