The Beautiful game of Lacrosse

By Yogipen:

Its the game that no one has heard of. People of the south don’t know what it is. Lacrosse is a mix of hockey, soccer, and a little bit of football. With pads from the chest up and no leg protection it’s kind of dangerous.

I play lacrosse. Top player in the town. There are 4 positions. Middy (runs the side of the field), attacker (offense I play this) and deffender (plays deffense), and of course goalie.

The game is made to throw a ball in a goal using a net attached to a stick. It is very difficult because although it is a contact sport you can’t just slash a person or run into them. You have to hit the front side.

I am trying to explain this and realize you have no visual. I found this video of a goalie and his team. The kid is really good.

Have you heard of lacrosse? Comment below.


5 responses to “The Beautiful game of Lacrosse

  1. I am playing lacrosse at my school right now. I am good at lacrosse when you play with the nets and not plastic ones. but i guess i can’t blame the school because those are expensive to buy for 150 kids.

  2. lol of course I know the game of lacrosse! Every day during track we run around the feild where the lacrosse teams practices 😛
    its a cool sport

  3. Whoa. My post is up. Totally forgot I made it lol.

  4. I’ve heard of lacrosse 😀

  5. btw- 6 more hits for 5,000 views 😀

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