New Moon

     So this for all of you Twilight fans out there once again. Yeah I needed something to post about, and considering the girls haven’t gotten any posts from me in awhile here you go. 

     So as a lot of you know New Moon is currently being filmed in Vancouver right now. Tons of you wanted to be in it and never really got a chance. This post is a little bit abut the upcoming movie and the book. New Moon is about Edward leaving Bella to try and make her safe. Bella turns lifeless for months until she visits Jacob Black. With him she does some life threatening things. She does these because when she does she hears Edward’s voice in here head. Then her stupidest idea, jumping off a cliff, give Alice a vision and she comes back to make sure Bella is ok. Rosalie hears ad think Bella is dead. She calls Edward and tells him. He tries to kill himself by going to the Voultri. What happens then is a mystery for you to read. New Moon sadly in most people’s opinion is the worst book in the Twilight Series. Most people will agree with that too. So will the movie be better then the book? Now there is a new director then the first movie. I don’t know much about the director, but supposedly he is not directing the third movie. 

What do you think the New Moon movie will turn out like.


One response to “New Moon

  1. im not a total twilight fanatic but here’s what i know-

    the 2nd movie is NOT being directed by the same person as the 1st movie

    New Moon comes out in November

    Eclpse comes out next year Jnue (or July)

    New Moon is kinda boring but its the only Book in the Twilight series ive read twice

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