First Impressions

     Everyone always has a first impression of a something or someone the first time they see it. First impressions are very rarely right. On my first day of my new school months ago I’m not sure exactly what people thought about me, but I’m sure I didn’t seem like I was amazing. People make first impressions on other people’s looks, voice, or even how they dress, but that never shows who they really are. I think that you should never make an impression on someone like that. You should really get to know them first, and if you don’t like them then still then I can agree, but most people don’t give anyone a second chance. Everyone will tell you when you try something new that first impressions are very important, and they are to most people, so try and look your best, and if you can’t prove those people wrong right after. A lot of people will know what I’m talking about when I say that more then half a dozen people who you want to be friends with will first think about you by your first impression. So for all those people who don’t watch this video of one contestant of Britain’s Got Talent in which you’ll never believe your eyes, let alone your ears. 

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7 responses to “First Impressions

  1. I think it is so great the you are helping me on my endeavor of posting everyday. It really means a lot. Just one thing, make sure that when you post it is a day after my latest post. Thank you so much and you are the best author i ever had.

  2. Lyon..I love your words that accompany that video…I cannot agree with you more. I heard about Susan Boyle today on the radio and I was meaning to watch it but you had it already on your blog..isn’t it so proved your point. Thank you too for the thoughtful comment on my latest are so observant and poetic with your expressions. I appreciate your visits.

  3. I think this post shows so much about people and about you lyon. The fact the you write a post about how mean people are with their first impressions. It is incredible how you perceive such difficult concepts for even adults to grasp. Good work!

  4. I saw this vid in Chois yesterday!! She is amazing isn’t she?
    That black haired girl who rolls her eyes right after Susan says “I’ve trained a bit in professional singing” really made me mad 😛

  5. I saw this on TV last Saturday. To be honest, when she walked on the stage I thought she was just one of those wannabes, but when she started singing, I was like “OMG.”

  6. LOLZ Nobody would have thought she was that good, but she was GREAT

  7. i kno. my fav part was wen Simon had that mean loook on his face and when she started singing he was like….. woah!

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