The Worst day of My Life… is Today

 By Yogipen

Today, the worst day of my life. The title says it all. No, no one died that is near to me. No one is sick, well except I have a sniffle every once in a while. The only thing that died is my happiness.

I went into school with one thought. Today is the day. The day I do what I always wanted. No its not get an A, or talk to a girl for the first time (although it is something close.) I walked into the school thinking I will remember this day for a long time. Well, I will certainly remember it but not for the reasons I hoped.

As school ended I felt it growing. Now’s the time! 5 minutes till I do it! I knew my friends would be happy to hear, they were asking me when I would just 2 hours prior. I was so excited. “Time to kill time I thought.”

Walking through the halls, I couldn’t wait, she would walk down the hall any minute and I would cut her off right before she reaches her friends.

Well then I got thrown a curve ball. Well first it was a fast ball, going right where I wanted, until it broke left. I was pulled aside. I was told the devestating news. Well only half, I walked away right when I heard it.

The worst news ever, I couldn’t believe my ears. Everything I thought I knew was wrong, everything I believed was the opposite.

I am on an emotional rollercoaster, and this is a true story.


2 responses to “The Worst day of My Life… is Today

  1. Yeah I didn’t get all the way there. My life woulda been worse. Well unless we live in a topsy turvy world where things happen unexpectedly.

  2. i hate when things happen unexpectedly

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