A Wave of Words

    The easter egg hunt is still going on everyone!

     I thought of these words and made a header out of it. I really like it and plan doing my next CSS with it. Hope you all like it! P.S. I know it’s blue and black, but it turned out better then I would have thought.


     So, the story goes like this. I really like using words, there’s tons of them old and new, weird and complicated. No matter how you put them though they always turn into to something. I was honestly just experimenting at first with the words in the background and and I made watermark with the old english font. So here it is. I thought I’d see how you liked it. Tell me in a comment below please! Have a nice day 🙂


4 responses to “A Wave of Words

  1. thats a really good header! it pretty much states what this blog iz about 😀

  2. Thanks Brett!

  3. Its in ol’ english, mate!

  4. Hey Lyon, i am not gonna be able to post today because of school and other activities so can you post an original post on my blog. By original i mean never posted here. Thank you so much, you are a great friend and author.

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