Happy Easter Egg Hunt!

    Hint: Any green writing is part of the easter egg hunt!

Happy Easter! I know everyone else is going to blog all about how easter is so important, but I am having an easter egg hunt on my blog! There’s only one egg, but it’s nearly impossible to find. After following riddles, poems, and tons of links. So have fun! You can use the sidebar to help you find your way around and look for clues. Does it help? I have no clue, but it may! So on with the easter egg hunt and have fun! The hunt goes on until April 15! When you find the easter egg comment the link of it on this post and you’ll get a blue ticket for a a special holiday header whenever you want one!

Your first clue:

My location has a lot to say about the future and the past
if you can’t find me you must keep looking fast!


5 responses to “Happy Easter Egg Hunt!

  1. This was really fun lyon! The riddles were very clever. But i figured it out. The link is:

    The password to the locked page is south. FIrst i typed in things like Eskimo or pole. but then i realized it was about direction.Very creative!

  2. very well done, Lyon! The password one stumped me for a sec, but I found it in the end 🙂
    I love scavenger hunts!!

  3. https://lyonx.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/egg.png That last one was a bit tricky! BTW White /same font color links can befrustrating.

  4. lyon lyon lyon!!!!
    I FOUND IT!!! After ages of searching I might add 😉

    That was SO cleverly done! The riddles were hard lol. Especially the password one, I started trying stuff about penguins, polar bears and snow until I realised it was south LOL. woohoo =] putting the egg on the ‘5’ in this post was so clever!!!

  5. FOUND IT!!!! i highlighted the whole post and when i got to the “5” in 15 it came up! good idea!!

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