Poetry of Lyon

     I have been learning about poetry for a few weeks lately. I read Haikus, Limericks, Cinquains, Couplets, and a lot more poetry. I tried writing some by myself for once. After my first try and a few words getting switched around, I had some great poems. They didn’t start out together as one long piece, it started as three separate poems and I typed them all as one and they turned out great. So I’d like to show you some of the poems I’ve written. I hope you enjoy them.

Spring Poetry

More clouds are forming
Rain is falling from the sky
A storm is brewing

Flowers arise slowly
Snow quickly rushes away
Spring is elegant

The sun shines brightly
I hope it remains this way
Soon comes Summer’s days

Color Poetry

Beautiful image
Painting the world
The emotion it shows

     I really like my pieces of writing. The Spring Poetry describes Spring and the elegance and beauty of it. The Color Poetry also describes the importance of color, the emotion it can bring, and most important, how it looks. I never really thought of poetry as something I’d like until now. Poetry just came naturally to me, and to most of my class it was a struggle. I guess I can think my mom for that. 

What do you think of my poetry?


2 responses to “Poetry of Lyon

  1. Those are really good ;] Love them 🙂
    Thanks for the header too, loving it 😀

  2. GO TO yogipen.wordpress.com!!! IT ROCKS!!! FOR REAL!

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