Birth of A Hero


     As many of you know BIRTH OF A HERO is my favorite font I though that I’d make a picture using it which is shown above. Originally it was used for a design for my skateboard on Touch Grind. I think the whole idea of the font. My picture in a way has a meaning to it. In the background of the picture you can see transparent splattered paint against the weaved background and in the front you see bright vectors. But standing out in front of all of this is the text. It’s like a hero among the rest of the pieces, which without it wouldn’t survive. So when will a hero come up in real life? Someone to get us out of the economy crisis, or to end the endless wars in the present and the ones which will arise in the future? Or have some heros already arrived, but nobody’s noticed that they are trying to stop it. The point is though even when a hero does arise from the crowd the people around it complete it. Like in the picture, the background acts as the people of the world and without it only the black text of the hero would remain. So  remember, even when there are people who seem like heroes to you doesn’t mean you aren’t important too.

In every picture and public place
A hero rarely shows his face

Who’s a hero in your life?


One response to “Birth of A Hero

  1. I really like your images lyon. The way you make the weaving basket is very i catching but you may want to consider branching out from the weaving basket. Just like you did with your theme. Just some friendly advice. I really like that quote. My heroes are my friends, including you because you inspire me so much! 🙂

    Your friend,

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