A Book of Many Choices

     A few weeks ago I thought about writing a book. I am actually leaning into the idea more no, but I wanted to decided on what exactly to write about. There’s hundreds of choices from Fantasy about old myths, to a journal about a kid’s everyday life. I wondered for a while, what book would a kid love to read? Yes, I am a kid and should be able to easily know, but I am really good with any kind of book that’s written well. So why not let the readers of this blog decide another thing once again? I’ll have a poll on what I should write about so everyone can put in their ideas I’ll choose out of the top four ideas and start to make the book. This will probably be the last time I post about the book if I do write it because I do not want anyone stealing the title, art, or anything else from it. Sure I’ll post about how it’s going and how far I’ve gotten through it and I may make a twitter widget for it right here on the blog. So on with the poll before you skip all of what I’m typing now.

Any other ideas for a the type of book I should write? Comment them below 🙂



4 responses to “A Book of Many Choices

  1. i voted blogging so you could include about how to use CSS, etc

  2. Some old guy who nobody cares about anymore said “Write what you know!”
    You obviously know blogging very well, so that’s what I voted for 🙂

  3. I think you should right a fantasy book because their are so many blogging books.

  4. how bout just write. dont worry about the genre til after. same with the title.

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