Touch Grind!

Touch Grind is an application for the iPhone/iPod-touch. I wrote a little bit about it a few months ago in my top three iPhone apps post, but now with a few new updates it’s better then ever. Now with the new updates you can add your own pictures to the bottoms of the boards, and you can even unlock a new board called the Ninja. So what’s so good about this game compared to others? It has been on the App Store’s top 50 apps downloaded list since December for one. It also only costs $2.99 when it’s NOT on sale. Some people may say that’s expensive, but it’s worth every single penny. Finally, Touch Grind has an average rating of four and a half stars out of five and it has 233 reviews and is number 25 on the App Store’s top 25 list. So if you have a iPhone/iPod-touch I’d recommend buying this application. If not talk your parents into buying you an Ipod-touch or iPhone. If you don’t believe any of what I said about this game go to for videos and reviews of this game.


2 responses to “Touch Grind!

  1. Weird, touchgrind is 4.99 not 2.99. Just sayin’ I would get it if it was 2.99 but 4.99 is much

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