School, The Good and the Bad


School, the place we have to go practically every day. There’s good and bad about it. I like it for certain reasons, and don’t like it for others. So I have a paragraph on both.

     Once upon a time, I couldn’t think of a good starting to a paragraph so I used this horrible one. Anyways, school is good for a few reasons. Every single day you get to see your friends unless they’re absent. You can chat with each other and not get in trouble at all. You also don’t have to stay with your parents all day instead. One of the few other good things about school is if you like school. Not many people do, but the people who do are lucky. They think of all the homework and sitting in a seat for eight hours fun!

     There once was a starting to a story and I got bored trying to remember it. School has a quite a few bad things about it. One would be homework. Homework is ok, but when you get five hours of it is when it starts to get frustrating. Another bad thing about school is having to stay there for eight to six hours, five days a week, instead of playing outside. Why sit in your seat all day listing to stuff in History about all these dead people from ancient other countries? Yes I can agree that some subjects like Science are fun because you get to do labs most of the time instead of work, but it’s just not worth it. Now there are hundreds of thousands of things that are bad about school, but i can’t list them all.

” Just think of  what fraction of your life school is and then it won’t seem as bad.” 

What’s your favorite part about school?


2 responses to “School, The Good and the Bad

  1. ” Just think of what fraction of your life school is and then it won’t seem as bad.”
    ok, that quote at the end is bugging me. You spend most of your kid life either at school or sleeping. IT MAKES IT SEEM A LOT WORSE!!!
    haha but my favorite part of school is my friends and being away from my parents 😛

  2. i agree with carly! mostly about being away from my parents…there SO annoying…. right now i onlt have 5 minutes left on the comp because apparently staying on the computer for 1 hour iz a “long” time 🙄

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