Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson, he’s the charecter from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It’s an amazing book by Rick Riordan. I have read tons of his books and the last one is finally going to be released soon. I encourage everyone to read it. The book is about the Greek Gods and Percy is one of the gods sons. Luckily he has some other demigod friends to help him.I hope everyone will read this book and will love it as much as me.


6 responses to “Percy Jackson

  1. Cool my friends on the bus read them its always Omg i love percy jackson its annoying

  2. I have never heard of percy jackson probably because i am not a big reader, but i am glad you enjoy these books. It is pretty cool how you introduce such a wide variety of topics on this blog.

  3. Never heard of those books! they sound cool though!

  4. percyluvr101

    omg i luv the percy jackson series!!!! i just finished the last book and omg its sooooo SAD!!! <:( a bunch of good people die!!!!! <:(

  5. percyluvr101

    but its an awesome book im surprized lots of u havent read it or at least heard of it!!!!!!!

  6. I love the series… I’m still on BOTL, but I’m almost done.

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