Vocabulary, The Words Used Everyday

     Your own vocabulary is what you use to talk. Rapidly though kids are getting weaker and weaker vocabularies. If you could compare what people talked like in the nineteenth century to now you’d see a drastic change. I could go around the streets in New York and ask twenty people if they knew what the the adjective novel meant and most likely under half would tell me it’s a long chapter book. Why is it that people’s vocabulary is decreasing though? Because so many kids don’t talk to their parents as much at home now and they are not learning as many new words. They are not talking because they are busy playing video games or on the phone. Plus the stronger vocabulary you have the smarter you look even if you are dumb. Plus when you have a strong vocabulary you might as well learn a new language such as Spanish. So why not learn some new words, you would be a better blogger and you’d impress everyone you meet. 

Do you know what the definition of the adjective novel is?


11 responses to “Vocabulary, The Words Used Everyday

  1. When can my posts be put up?

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    Ummm, Under your psot it says Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) and under that it has the F word. Can you remove that or soemthing? Sorry

  3. ::βrꆆ::

    Oh and great point, this makes sense now. AT first I thought it was just a change in culture, but now you told me the truth. 😀 Oh, and If you think I don’t have a vocabulary by what I right, like i say LOL or TY and I misspell sometimes. But I speak like a… regular modern person… LOL… So, yeah… what did I want 2 tell u…..

  4. ::βrꆆ::

    Oh yeah. I wanted to thank for putting that, Blogger’s site choice comment thing in my mind. Thanks. 😀 I feel so much happy with my site and it’s in my style! 😉 LOL, thanks man. I feel so happy wiht it.

  5. brett- the automatic thing cant be changed…..


    and yes, vocabulary does change…pplz now use texting wrds and stuff…makes typing easier…less time..ppl dont have a lot of time these days. more like a word-eat-sleep schedule. for kids a eat-school-sleep-friends

  6. doesn’t novel mean, like, new? Like a “novel invention” means like a never before seen invention?
    Yeah, i know what you mean, too… I always have to explain what I am trying to say to my friends because they sometimes don’t know the words I am saying

  7. Hi Lyon! I don’t really wanna advertise, but I was just wondering if you’d like to join my Art Challenge that will be ongoing on the 28th! It’ll be really fun, so I hope you’ll try it! 🙂


  8. An adjective novel means : 1. new and not resembling something formerly known or used
    2. original or striking in conception or style
    I have a very high level of vocabulary so just like you said i am taking spanish to learn a newer language. Great post!

  9. Can my posts please be shown?

  10. Lyon..This is a NOVEL post..(: new, interesting and refreshing. I think another reason that kids have poor voacabularies is that all the technology like text messaging and IMing require quick commninacation. That lowers the quality of the language and it spils over to other forms communication between people. In general you write very interesting post. I enjoy visiting your blog. Your comment box is very cool. Keep it up Lyon. It seems like this blog is a great outlet for your self-expression. You have a lot to say..so don’t ever stop saying!

  11. “Patience” is the key for English!
    Good luck.. And thank you for this useful writing..

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