The Power Of WordPress

By: Lyon and Yogipen

     By Lyon: WordPress is a great tool to express yourself and not feel weird about it. Sure there’s other blogging tools like Blogger, and Freewebs, but WordPress can do more than all of those combined. The Power of WordPress is great. WordPress doesn’t only inspire the people in america, it inspires people all around the world. If you’ve ever looked at where people visit your blog from you’d be amazed. For example I have viewers from India, the U.K., the U.S., Japan, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, and more! I despise those people who blog for hits, money, and how far you are up on search engine pages. 

By: Yogipen: WordPress. A place that has been overshadowed as the “CLUB PENGUIN” place. Much to contrary belief it isn’t.

It’s a place to let out your feelings, to “express our inner insecurities.”

Most people blog for the hits, views, and fame. But once again that is not entirely true. Myself and Lyon both blog to inspire and change the lives of those.

Everyone blogs for what they want. To inspire, to help, to touch, to share their lives, or to be complete jerks.

Why do you blog on WordPress? 


3 responses to “The Power Of WordPress

  1. your right, im from IRELAND and i use wordpress, its great!!!

  2. ::βrꆆ::

    I use WordPress to express myself, have fun, and just something to do when I’m bored! 😀 It’s a great way for everyone to express there selfs with.

  3. WordPress is a great teaching tool too!
    Without wordpress, I would suck at editing pictures and I wouldn’t know one ounce of CSS!

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