Skype, Inside and Out!

Update: the design a graphic page is now open to the public

     Skype is a chat program that you can do almost anything with. It lets you chat with other Skype users, call telephones all around the world, and do it all from your computer. The best part is it’s absolutely free. Skype is rarely mentioned as bad on the Internet. So why is this program so amazing compared to all other chat programs?  Because it doesn’t make you give any real personal information like where you live or anything, it’s just optional. I encourage everyone to download it, who knows, I might make a account just for people from my blog to chat with me, but I won’t use the web cam. This may be one of my best finds yet and I hope everyone can get it.


3 responses to “Skype, Inside and Out!

  1. Uh here’s the deal lyon. I will let you use two sets of my objects, not the logos kind, if when you create some header backgrounds you let me change them up so i can kinda bounce an idea off them too.
    I also want to make sure we promise to not let graphics come between our friendship because with two different graphics sites, who are best friends may be slightly tough. So lets promise to never let is get to us ok. Please comment back to i can know.

    Your friend 🙂

  2. Lyon you talk so nicely. Your comment on my site about growth. At the age of 11 you speak with an adult level of understanding. And your only 11. I can see that you will be much iike me when you hit my age, but with your own style and flare. I am proud to see your blogging growth, and the inspiration that you instill in people. You should be very proud.

  3. ::βrꆆ::

    Ok, Ty 4 the advice Lyon! 😀 My blog is about my life and some random stuff! SO, yeah I got that set! 😉 LOL, And I’m using red and black cause that’s whta got the msot votes! 😉 I’m not copying you or Ilan BTW, so don’t think this. TY Lyon!

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