A Sprinkle of Words

Update: The whole blog is getting redone this weekend. I can’t handle all this black. Tomorrow I’m having a poll on what color I’m making my blog.

     There’s words all around the world. Each is special in it’s own way. All words mean different things to all sorts of people too. For example, the word silently may remind one person of a cougar prowling through the night light, but it may remind someone else of when they go down the stairs in their house trying to not get caught. So how do you use words in every day life like this? Replace them with words they represent of course. Having a strong vocabulary in life will make you look smarter even if you aren’t. Words are powerful in speech. They form poems, essays, the paragraph of words your reading now, and every sentence you say. 

What’s your favorite word and what does it mean to you?


One response to “A Sprinkle of Words

  1. kewl animation!! ❤ it!! ill think of a favorite word……or look it up…..bbl


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