Animation and Yogipen!

So I was messing around on GIMP learning now to do some new stuff on it. I learned how to do animations! I made one banner for Ilan, here it is. ilanad

I also have a new contributer. Yogipen! He has been a long time friend and he was the only to offer. He is not posting about Club Penguin even though he does play it still a little. He is a accomplished blogger, he will help this blog alot, and he has a lot to contribute. 

What do you think of my new animation? Do you like it?


5 responses to “Animation and Yogipen!

  1. WHOA!! You can make animations on GIMP!?!? Tell me how!! please!

  2. I love your entry, i will put it up! Btw what is gimp?

  3. How do you animate with gimp. please tell me on my blog ok. How did you do the ripple. Its so cool. Well peace out! 🙂

  4. Wow you truly are a GIMP expert, Lyon!! You rock! and thanks so much!

  5. ::βrꆆ::

    I think you should of won his contest! I would have probably came in 3rd… 😀 LOLz!

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