Baseball…. In Winter!

     It’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit  outside, it’s raining, not a soul is outside, and I’m playing baseball. It may not seem bad to everyone when it’s 78 degrees outside and it’s warm, but here you can’t play outside. So what do you do when it’s freezing outside? Play inside of course, except there’s one little problem. There’s hardly anywhere to play inside… I play Little League Baseball and the season is starting early, well that is considering the climate outside. Today I had a team meet at an indoor sports complex and we finally are getting to learn some more about baseball. So I wanted to know if there was any other solutions out there. Come on there’s hundred’s of people reading my posts once a week, surely one person out there knows some good way to practice without paying to go to a sports complex. 

Have you ever been forced with this situation before? 

In other news…

Brett, our contributor, has quit this blog. I know he had  great time working here he didn’t have enough time though to post on two blogs at once. It is a lot of work I have to agree. So, to make up for him I wanted to see if anyone of you bloggers would like to be a contributor on this blog? There is no rules, but you must post at least once every two weeks.


3 responses to “Baseball…. In Winter!

  1. Suggestion: Go to and play the severely addicting baseball game, haha.

    Schlotzsky’s is running a baseball sweepstakes right now and you can win everything from baseball gear to fantasy teams from to a grand prize trip to St. Louis in July (definitely won’t have a problem with the cold there, haha)…contest ends 5/31/09 so definitely check it out!

    Good luck, and stay warm!


  2. I hate baseball when it is cold. I am the star pitcher every year and my arm freezes up in the cold. Do you pitch? I am a lefty how bout you?

  3. Uh can I be a contributer on the blog please? I am not all cp. Actually I was starting to quit…
    Please think of me! I have a lot to say, in no place to write about it.

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