Super Size Me!

  Super size Me is a movie I have been watching in my class Character Education. It’s about eating healthy. A guy goes to eat at McDonald’s for thirty days. Why does he do this? To show the world what happens when you make the wrong choices. This film was made in 2004 when many people were suing McDonald’s for making them fat. All around the world this film changed the way fast food restaurants work. In 2004 every time you went through a drive through the people would always ask if you would like to super size your order for 25 cents. This movie talks about how so many kids, adults, and teens have obesity in the United States and all around the world. Blogging may just be a way to express your feeling, but I think people should use it to help the world. To do this I want to in courage you to eat healthy. You may not be over weight now, but that’s because we’re a kid and we burn off a lot of calories. So start making the right choices, and if you get a chance watch Super Size Me. Not only will it teatch you a lot, but it will change your life.


7 responses to “Super Size Me!

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  2. That is comepletely true lyon. I saw that movie a while back and it is shocking.

  3. my friend Rantx did a post like that!

  4. ::βrꆆ::

    Lolz, super convincing, really! TY 4 doing this, this outta teach people lol. ANyways, I do eat healthy here and there, but I eat 3 cookies at lunch every 5 days of the week in shcool… is that bad? I have noticed and I’m stopping but me no fta lol! Now Im tyring to buy apples! 😉 Oh and, do you have a Twitter? it be cool if u do!

  5. I live in one of the healthiest states in the U.S. and I live in the thinnest cuty! My town is doing good on the seating thing, but I can’t say that for the rest of America 😦

  6. ::βrꆆ::

    Hye Lyon, not to be mean but can you please remove off this site. I no longer want to work here! Thanks! I’ll sitll come here and I hope you’ll come to my sie too! C Ya Soon! 😀

  7. i’ve heard of super-size me 😀 that McDonalds pic is funny 2 me………

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