Movies and Auditions

A post inspired by a recent project, but not the same reason behind the story. Enjoy!

Download the written report I did on 1930’s movies 1930s-movies(Sorry for the typos in it,  it’s just a draft)

Lights! Camera! Action! That’s what every kid would love to hear. Any kid who saw their favorite movie in the world would love to be in the movie. For example, Twilight, people all around the world are looking all over the internet for open casting calls. So how do you get in these movies exactly? First, you need to learn how to act. It’s harder then it sounds. After that, go to some auditions for acting schools. You’ll get even better then you are and maybe you’ll get called to be in a movie or show that way. If not then you need to get an agent, they’ll  handel getting you into movies and shows from there. Now you’re probably asking how do you know this and do you know if this will really work? One, I did some research and two, I’m not 100% sure it will work. There are other ways to get into a movie, but this is the best way I know of.

Have you ever wanted to be an actor or actress?


2 responses to “Movies and Auditions

  1. My dream is to be a director. I have won a few film festivals at school and the library. I love to make movies, actings fun too.

  2. Can u post this post, on my site. I really love it…

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