Yes your probably wondering why in the right mind a boy would post about Twilight. No many boys I know read it. But I thought overnight and I decided I’d post something for the girls who read this blog for once. I also wanted to see why every girl in the world is so crazy about it, I guess I see now 🙂 So I hope that cover your main questions.

I read Twilight, and a few of the books after it, over the last week, (explains why I was busy 🙂 ) and I saw why so many people liked it. Not many boys could realte to Bella and will like the parts where it mentions Edward for that reason. But I have to agree, Twilight is a great book. All the girls in my class are addicted to it. From one little book to going to a outstanding movie, Twilight has got to be one of the best books I probably have ever read. It has tons of suspense and fun to it. IT’s great for anyone who’s looking for a good book to read, except for the fact that you may finish it in a weekend along with the two books in the series after it like I did/.

Click on the picture below to take a quiz to see what Twilight character you are. (P.S. I’m Jasper lol) 

[ Quiz ]



6 responses to “Twilight…

  1. Good idea lyon, most of your posts relate to guys so it is great to write a post that will relate to others. Good writing and review of the book! :mrgreen:

  2. im having a contest please enter!

  3. I LOVE Twilight!

    Ugh, whenever I take a quiz, wherever, it always asks me for my full name and address. Whaddup with that? 😆

    ♥ BB

  4. Oh, and can I please be on your blogroll? I fit all of the requirements. :mrgreen:

  5. ::βrꆆ::

    Hey Jasper! 😛 Lolz

  6. Kewl that your jasper I got Bella even though I relate more to Rosalie or even Alice.Also yepperz Girls are insanely in love with Twilight!lIKE ME!
    I like Jacob Black who is Taylor Lautner.If your a girl i mean we ALL find Taylor Lautner to be gorgeous.

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