Six Months After Moving

My first post in at least a week. I’m sorry I haven”t posted in a while and I wont give you some fake excuse because my excuse is simple… School. So on with the post!

After moving six months ago (Wow it doesn’t seem that long!) I finally have a house. My family and I were living in an apartment and my parents finally bought us a house. So now I’m starting to look back at the subject and I decided, I can’t believe how this has worked out. Six months ago I moved. I went to the beach, went to Jamba Juice, and called my friends. Then it was the first week of school. I met many amazing ,friends, people, and teachers. I got to know my friends more and hung out with them. I was in my first month of living in this new place, and wow, it was beyond compare. A few months later, the first holiday came. Halloween!The fun and joy only lasted one night and before you knew it we were at Thanksgiving. I went to Seattle that weekendd to visit friends, who were visiting their uncle. We went to some flight museum or another, I can’t remember. After a while it was coming up to Winter. My mom and sister went to my Grandparents early for Christmas. Then the snowstorm came. It was absurd how much snow we got that weekend. I got up Monday morning and made a post. We were back with my mom and sister again at my Grandparents and it was seventy degrees! Soon it was the first of January, finally the new year. I went to so many different partys its hard to remember where I was. Sadly school was coming, break was almost over. We hurried back. Then my life went in this order for about two months. School, Sleep, School, Sleep, Snowboard, Sleep, Party, Sleep, School, Sleep, School, School, Slleeepppp, Hurry to School, Snowboard, Annoy my brother to death :), and then the cycle was broken. We bought a house! So here I am  now looking back at that. Thinking of all the friends I made, the things I did, and all the great expierences along the way. I also look at my blogging career, it reflects my whole last six months almost exactly.  I think moving here was great, all the money in then world couldn’t replace it….. Well no, $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 could replace it. But other then that, I wouldn’t have given anything up.

Have you ever moved before? How did it work out?


2 responses to “Six Months After Moving

  1. Well i moved from one house to the house next door. Not a big move, almost fun. I got my own room. I wouldn’t sell blogging for anything. It’s a gift to be able to journal ones idea on virtual paper to get their advice. Good reflection post! 🙂

  2. Although the move must have been tough I have to say everything went better for you. I dont mean your life entirely. XS7’s life ended, but it was better. Maybe its better I resign my glory as the cp blogger, and make it life. Idk though.

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