Color Splash

  A application for the iPod touch and iPhone. It takes any pictures you have on your saved on your device, that you choose, and turns them black and white. You then can take any picture you want, choose your brush, and draw where you want color to show up. I have edited many pictures using this app, and they look amazing. It’s priced at $0.99-$1.99 depending on where you live and if there’s a sale. On this program you can do some of the things you only thought you could do on Photoshop. A great app for any artist who really has some style. I will post some pictures from my iPod-touch later that I made with ColorSplash.

What’s your favorite iPhone/iPod-touch app? Or do you have an iPhone/iPod-touch?


15 responses to “Color Splash

  1. Lyon, could you please change the name on your blogroll that says redcowz to ilan because that is my real name.

    P.S. I am having a contest, i would be delighted if you were to enter. 🙂

  2. I dont have an Ipod Touch or iphone. I have a phone and an ipod but not together haha. Actually my ipod just broke (the jack for the headphone is messed up). I didnt do anything and I have APple Care so I get a free new one from Apple. Could it be an ipod touch? IDK

  3. Lyon, can you send me the stylesheet soon because i am not going to be able to go on the computer for a while and it would be cool to work ok it. Thanks for being one of my best supporters. 🙂

    Sincerely, Your friend,

  4. To show my deep gratitude of your help i have promoted you to author on my blog. Congratulations!

  5. I don’t have a phone like that. I have a virgin mobile phone. I wish I had a phone like you :wink:.

    Well I better get my phone out of the charger in my kitchen.


  6. I have the iphone!

    My Fave Apps,

    Game: Fastlane Street Racing
    Entertainment: Night Vision
    Utilities: Army Knife
    Social Networking: Myspace Mobile
    Music: Shazam
    Productivity: Memory Stick
    Lifestyle: White Noise Storm
    Reference: Dollar Origami
    Travel: Tipulator

  7. i dont have a iphone……..WHY R U MAKING ME FEEL BAD?!!?! ok, just kiddin’ 😀 like yogipen, i have phone and an ipod but not together….and my ipod isnt broken in any way…yett. anywayz, i have the Voyager and i like it…except the touch screen can be it bit of a spazz…SHH!! dont tell my phone i said that….it doesnt like to admit it!

  8. ::βrꆆ::

    No! I can’t get any phone until I’m 14! 😦

  9. i feel bad 4 u brett!! 😦 i wuz actually kinda surprised when i got my phone

  10. i have an ipod touch…and my favorite app is probably iMob
    its an online game, of sorts

  11. ::βrꆆ::

    yeargh!!!!!!!!!!! every1 has a phone and i cant get one til 14! 😦

  12. Hey Lyonx. I just wanted to say that on my site, I am copying your “Header page” on your Clubpenguin site ( that you quit using). I am doing it because I really like your ideas. Am I allowed to use it?? Comment back @ to say if I can or not.

    -Slider 466

  13. Cool blog, Lyon! 😎 I have a purple i-pod nano!

  14. I really like your header! 😀

  15. victoria Marshall

    Hi there

    i just bought colour splash for my ipod touch and think its great ive been wondering how to do that to pictures for ages

    i was wonder though how do put the pictures that are saved on to your computer?

    Thank you


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