The King

The title of this post is deceiving. The first thing you think of when you see the title, “The King” you think of a king of a country, area, ect. But, this post is about a car. Yes, a balloon powered car actually. After the last balloon powered cars post I got great some great ideas from you viewers, especially to not make the front to light, I would have failed on that. 😉 Anyways the title of this post is the name of my future car.  I am not explaining how to make it as much as this is a mini-contest before the one Sunday. The ideas is to guess why my car is called “The King” I am going to make another post in April when the balloon powered car is do. So, below is an image to help you guess. 


Have you guessed yet? The first person to comment and get it right wins the video on how to make them and an extra vote for their entry in Sunday’s contest.

Have you ever made a balloon powered car? How did it work?


4 responses to “The King

  1. Are you getting a ton of decks of cards and making your entire car out of only the Kings in it?
    THATS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Carly you seem I get all the geusess right. You win the prize.

  3. Cool art piece!


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