Finally, My new computer arrived seconds ago to be exact. I was sitting on the couch playing on my ipod touch when my dad said. “Hey I got something for the family in my room.” I rushed into the room and looked to see what it was.  I was amazed to see the new computer, a Mac. It was so amazing and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I m typing this post o it right now and I don’t know how to explain how nice it is to finally have a computer again. I can finally design, make music, post more, and pretty much do whatever I want again! 🙂 But, I’m cutting this post due to a very good reason… I am um… I need to play on the mac 😉 lol


3 responses to “Mac

  1. Can you please make me a new header? Lots of cool colors and shapes. You dont need a pic of a penguin either.

  2. Macs are awesome. I don’t know why people think PCs are better just because they have higher sales and stuff. Anyways enjoy your new mac 🙂

  3. kewl! i want a Mac for 8th grade graduation (next year) but with the economy and stuff i dont think i should ask for it….

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