Balloon Powered Car

In class were making balloon powered cars. They’re due the day before Spring Break. My car is going to be made of the lightest stuff I can find. I am thinking of ideas to make the car out of and decided to ask my viewers for help. I will be awarding whoever makes an idea for the car with a spot on the blogroll. Here’s some tips for ideas. If there is two objects both the same weight, but different sizes, the littler one has more gravity allied to it, therefore making it slower. Also a ballon powered car hypothetically will go farther if you find a way for the air from the ballon to not use the energy all at once.


8 responses to “Balloon Powered Car

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  2. I made one of those in class. We took a cd like material and but the ballon through the hole. It works well.

  3. Carly not logged in

    Styrofoam works well, but you got to make sure that the front isn’t too light or it will flip backwh enstarts going

  4. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫

    K, I entered you in WBA! Best of Wishes and Luckz! 😉

  5. Post this quick. THis one is AWESOME.

  6. Sorry about my lousy spelling and such in my last comment…when I type a comment here the background turns white and the text is white and I can’t see what I’m typing! lol but I hope you understood what I ment 😛
    And yeah we haven’t talked for a while 😦 😦 😥

  7. hmmm….styrofoam maybe???? maybe even a water/milk jug that you can cut or an orange juice box or maybe a cardboard box like a macaroni box or something…im outta ideas!

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