Snowboard•App Creator

A lot of my friends latelly have asked me, what is it like to snowboard? I think it’s an amazing sport and makes you feel weightless ( until you fall on your face ) It has a little learning curve to it, but really is a thrill. I personallyhave gotten good enough to get off the miserable bunny hill. I usually go twice a week and can’t wait to go agian.

Now about that app creator. I have recentlly found a program that let’s you create apps for the iPhone. I don’t have it yet due to two reasons. One, I don’t have a new computer yet. Two, it cost ninety nine dollars. I am going to start saving up for it and I want to tell you how I and this blog can benigit from it. First, I will most likely price my second app for $3 in US currency and I get 70% of the money. I think that if I can get the word out enough I will be able to earn enough income to buy my own computer. So how’s this help the blog? It means as I earn more money Ill have contest for better stuff, like iTunes gift cards, and WP credits.

Have you ever wanted to snowboard?


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  1. Hello!As newly registered user i just want to say hi to everyone else who uses this forum <:-)

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