Friends, the people who help you through life and are always beside you. Friends are some of the best people you’ll ever meet. They like you for who you are and there always there to talk to. I think you should always keep your friends close. My friends have always helped me and I like them all  a lot. Each one of them is like their own little inspiration for me. My friends are all special, they help me, talk to me, and give me ideas. I know this is all very short, but there’s no way to express how important friends are in your life. I know some people don’t have friends though, they’re the people you really need to reach out and help though. A few people at my school had few friends, but then they got more friends and we all learned more about those people and how great they really where. I know it seems “uncool” to help them, but remember, you’ll be a hero in their life if you do.

D you have any great friends? If not how do you feel and why not ask for some help to get some friends? 😉


One response to “Friends

  1. Wow this post is great. Submit it to me if you want cuz it has a strong message.

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