Line Rider

Many of you know what line rider is. it is an amazing game that started on the computer. It’s now on the Wii, Xbox 360 and the iPhone. Many people and artists have made many amazing tracks on line rider and love beatig the guy on the slef up as much as they can 😉 The real trick is to keep him on the sled though. I know some of the best designed tracks ever and I have seen many people make them. Here is one by an amazing artist and I really like the theme for it 🙂

I think this game is great for all ages, people, kids, just everybody in general. I’d love to see someone who can make an amazing track and if I get any good ones I’l put them in our next post 😉 I can’t belive the artist out there that come from the most unexcpected places.

Have you ever made an amazing track on linerider?


4 responses to “Line Rider

  1. The music is from Tony Hawk Underground (NINTENDO 64)

  2. I love linerider!! but i suck at it 😛

  3. ya i have! check my youtube channel and see th 2 good ones. ( )

  4. Hey I found a new site like yours! I dont know who made it but i thought it was cool:
    it was pretty cool

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