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My iPod Touch is the reason this blog is still here. It is amazing and has many wonderful apps. I just have one thing to say first, it’s an application not a video game or they’d make it one.


I have my top three apps here and I’d like to share them with you.

First, is Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart 3D

This Crash Bandicoot game is amazing and a great app for all of the stuff it has on it. It is a great game to play and can keep you entertained for a while. I play it almost everyday and I don’t think I wasted the money for it at all. This game is deffinitly number one on my list.


  • Great graphics and doesn’t get boring
  • Amazing and great for only $5.99 
  • Great for an Ipod touch or Iphone with not many GB because it takes up little room
  • It’s on the application Top 25 downloaded list, at number ten


  • Like many applications it needs more characters, cars, and tracks.
  • You can beat the game in a day or two if you work at it
  • An update isn’t expected any time soon


iShoot, it’s an amazing game and even good with the free version. It has amazing pictures and lite you can do almost the same thing. A future update even includes online mutliplayer. The pictureabove is from the lite version; The full version has places like Glaciers, Pyramids, and Mount Rushmore.


  • You can change the color of your tanks
  • Has an amazing lite version if you don’t want to spend money
  • The pictures are amazing and it’s fun to make holes in the ground
  • Sometime new sky views fit your current time
  • You can change the tank’s name


  • You can’t move
  • Not many weapons on lite version
  • There is currently mutliplayer without using the same iTouch



Touchgrind is a great game for skateboarders. It has many tricks in realy life and amazing boards.It has great graphics and it’s an amazing way to usue the touchable screen to the app’s advantage.


  • Amazing board designs
  • Giant parks
  • Able to pause in the middle of the games
  • Updates are often


  • Some people have problems with not being zoomed out enough
  • not many tracks
  • More skateboards needed

All these applications are amazing and more will come as my opinion changes 🙂 I hope you all like these applications for your iPods. Also visit soon to see which new computer I get soon 🙂


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  1. Now, I know just how lucky my friend is to have an iPod Touch…

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