Many people wonder what my tagline, “Inspiring Life And Design”, means. It means to inspire people to make a difference in their life. Life is a very stressful thing. Someone once told me, “Life isn’t all drama, it’s made to be enjoyed.” That was probably one of the wisest things Ive ever heard. I have heard people ask the question, what is the meaning of life? I always hear the answer, there is none. But there is one, it’s to make a difference. Life is something everyone lives through and does different things with. The simplest way to say this is “Live life to the fullest.” It means live life as well as you can, you don’t want people saying good, when you pass away. I myself have not been listing to my own advice latelly, I made this post to remind myself and other people to think about what there doing in their life. Dream of what you want to have your life be.

What do you think the meaning of life is?


4 responses to “Life

  1. This is a very inspiring post…
    And about the question…
    I am not very sure…I may have to contemplate this…

  2. the answer to life, the universe, and everything…is…42

  3. The meaning of life to me is to live it at its fullest. There will always be a brighter day in the midst

  4. Great post Cole. I’m going to use that bit of advice for my chidlren…”live is not drama, it’s meant to be enjoyed!” Do you mind me asking who have you that advice, your mom, your grandma? The meaning of life for me is to enjoy the now, stop worrying about the past, and embrace the future! Have enjoyed your blog! Jamie (Brant’s wife…your mom’s friend).

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