Mall Cop

Mall cop was a very funny movie kind of obvious though. It’s about a man who wants to join the New Jersey Police Force. He couldn’t make it though. He then fell in love with a girl and gets dumped horribley. His co cop then actually tried to take over the mall. Paul Blart then tries to stop him and wins but the story had a little twist at the end. I’d give this movie 3 popcorn bags 😉

Have you ever wanted to be in the Police Force like Paul Blart?


3 responses to “Mall Cop

  1. Hey thanks for reading my story. Until I wrote it I never thought about how little I told. I still haven’t told my whole story believe it or not. I left the parts out that are really right now beyond explanation. I have a bigger story beyond the stuff I told I just didnt want to write a book because I would have to explain it.

    P.S. How did you know about me and sliders “isues”

  2. My Issues with slider werent do to the blog itself. It was do to how i was more “grown up”. He didn’t like how I decided to change my mind because I didn’t feel secure with him on my blog.

    He then would fire me because i told him that he wouldnt be added to the lists and stuff because he had no influence on me. I would be on his site still but I told him I do not want to return. Good for me right???? He just acts to childish.
    Your different. One in a million. You seem to get Blogging.

    P.S. You are the only one left that blogs!

  3. cool i went to see Hotel for dogs its very funny there is a dog nammed cooper a bulldog and it rips everything really cute movie

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