New York Flight

For the many of you have not heard on Thursday, January, 15 a terrible thing happened in New York that was barley saved by luck. Flight 15459 crashed into the Hudson River due to a weird incident. A flock of geese flew ito the engine of the plane and in a heartbeat it exploded. The amazing pilot was smart enough to fly into to the Hudson River. If he didn’t he would have crashed into New York and caused another sad day. Luckily when the plane went into the river a few ferries were near by and helped save the passengers. The good news is everyone was saved and no one was killed. The story was all over the news and many people couldnt belive what was happening.  Every news channel is reporting on it and you will see reports on it everywhere for te next few days. I would like to dedicate this post to the pilot, because without him the 150 passengers and many people on the ground could have died.

I think all of the crew on that flight and pilot are hereos.



9 responses to “New York Flight

  1. Oh thats so sad i cant belive that i diden’t know that

  2. its a very tragic event. I am glad to not be aboard that flight. I wish all passengers good health.

  3. yeah NPR radio reported that story like 4 times!

  4. oh i was probly playing my wii

  5. Each Friday in my class we have to do a Current Event, and one person did it on that…

  6. That is true you know. URrAY Pilot!!

  7. I ment to say Hurray”

  8. I ment “Hurray” sorry.

  9. Hey I got 50,000 Hits. read the stories and stuff it is really cool!

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