Writing a book is a dream I’ve always thought of doing. I have always looked up to authours who have written amazing books that really reach out to people. I have even had a friend who wrote an amazing book. I finally have looked in to that more and thought about writing a book. I have become a lot better writer in the past and I think if I am going to write a book now is the time.

Have you ever wanted to write a book?What would you write about?


6 responses to “Book?

  1. I always have ideas for books but I never get around to writing anything
    U should write a book tho! That would be so cool!

  2. I would love writing a book. U should right about just life as however old you are. probably a teen right.
    I wrote one on teenage life and won a minicontest

  3. lol when i get bored i write small stories (likw 10 pages lol) like between classes at skool. or during classes (hehe)

  4. p.s. can i be on ur blogroll?

  5. I love writing books! I even want to be an author someday! I hope you’ll be able!

  6. I’m writing a novel right now. It’s fantasy, and that’s what I like, so I’d suggest that you write fantasy. One of your posts said that you liked Percy Jackson. If you aren’t sure about what to do, try writing fanfiction. That’s one of the things I tried when I started writing. It gives you the ability to hone your skills so that when you write original stuff, you’ll be better at it.

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