Snowboard Design*Winner*

I have finally received all of the votes, my favorite, and the panel of judges favorites. Here’s the main opions I got about the boards:

“Carly’s was very talented, had very good detail, any snowboarder I know I would bu it first at a snowboard shop.”

“Drkshadow’s board wasn’t too busy and great for a starter board and certinitly safe. Everyone would think it’s great!”

Carly won by a long shot, yet the vote almost turned out different. I really was excited about the contest and as you can see it was a great succes! Thank you everyone for entering and I was very honered to have such amazing entries.

 Carly, Public’s favorite and Lyon’s favorite.


Drkshadow, Judges favorite

Sponsering http://yogipen!


43 responses to “Snowboard Design*Winner*

  1. Awesome contest idea by the way.

  2. How do you send the pictures?

  3. U upload them to Tinypic and send me the link

  4. Here is your special image:


  5. Hey which of the 175 prizes do you want?

  6. I think i might have even invented that code here is the example for your to work around:

    ul#nav li a {
    background: #___
    border:0 solid #fff;
    padding:10px 14px;

  7. hey I was just curious but I editted your new header. Can I still use it?

  8. since your my sponser i have to say u sponser me remember? Can you u make like a yogipen design though for a snowboard?

  9. Hey please dont sponsor anyone else! This is so cool!

  10. I made a snowboard.
    Here is the link:

    If you cant view it just go to my site

  11. That’s a great idea, Lyon!

  12. Hey lyon. How are you??? Well, on,you both said I was inexperienced and I dont post??? So rude!!!

    ~Slider 466~

  13. and is it possible if you can give me WP credites?? And what is your email?

  14. And I am using your template. Is that ok???

  15. this pic for the comment box is even cooler!!!!!

  16. I love your comment box so much…how its a larger picture but the comment boxs is like in the middle…its so great!

    anyway I want to thank you for your comment on my site…it means a lot!

  17. Hey remember your old site?? Well Yogipen said you both called me inexperienced and I don’t POST!!!!!!!! What is the meaning of that?

  18. I vote for carly!

  19. Carly not logged in

    Thanks Ilan!

  20. sorru i dent read the post corectly i dident know it ended

  21. Thanks Kara!
    And thanks Ha Ha Thats Funey!!

  22. Ugh sorry man i stink at spelling

  23. Nice blog, kiddo. Have I been here before? vote for Carly. BTW, I can’t see what I’m typing in the comment box, the text is white and th ecomment box is white wso there’s probably mistakes, lol.

  24. I mean, I vote for Carly.

  25. I VOTE CARLY!!!!!!!!!!ITS AWESOME!
    ummmmm Lyonx you are the blog of the week on my site CONGRATS!

  26. i vote for yogipens!!!!

  27. Congrats Lyonx!
    You won my contest! There were other contenstents but… just read the contest post! Well anywyas, Congratulations!!

  28. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me! Thanks!

  29. congrats Carly!! yours is awesome!!

  30. Thanks drkshadow!
    And Lyon do I get one of those sweett little trophy pics? :mrgreen:

  31. Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog ( ) in my rss reader

  32. – now in my rss reader)))

  33. – great domain name for blog like this)))

  34. – cool sitename man)))

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