Lyon’s Playlist

Edit: I made an entry for Redcow’z t-shirt contest here’s my entery:


Please go to and vote for my entry!

I have alyways had a lot of different opions on Music. I never could decide what was the best. Everyone has different opions on music and I want to see everyone’s opions on it. I came up with a few ideas, but decided on this one for now. After much deciding I decided to make a ultimate playlist. This playlist has a twist though. Each person can comment as many songs for the playlist as they want, but here’s the twist. You can also make your own music for the playlist. You can do this at I’ll pick out some of the best made songs and add them to a page with the commented songs to create our amazing playlist. I hope all can contribute to this amazing playlist. I will also take the best of the commented songs and give the best one a virtual medal. Have fun with the music and the playlist making will end Jan. 10


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